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Minimized applications disappearing

My current distro is Linux Mint MATE Version 18.2 (Sonya). Recently, I noticed that I would minimize a running application (e.g. LibreOffice Writer), but no placeholder for the app showed up in the panel. Initially, I thought that there was … Continue reading

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Word 2007 under Wine crashes when changing a font

In my previous post I noted that “… Word, Excel and PowerPoint… ran more-or-less flawlessly…” in Office 2007 installed under Wine. The more-or-less qualifier was because I still had an issue trying to change the default Calibri font to Times … Continue reading

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PowerPoint 2007 fails to launch in 64-bit Linux Mint 18.1

As noted in the previous post, after installing Microsoft Office 2007 on a machine running Wine under 64-bit Linux Mint, Word and Excel ran fine, but PowerPoint failed to launch. Two further tweaks are necessary to get PowerPoint 2007 to … Continue reading

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Big Brother and Window Control Placement

Several years ago I found out how to switch the window controls from the left side to the right side of an active window. Now, it appears that the developers of the Unity desktop Ubuntu Linux have eliminated this option.

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Stop application windows snapping to full screen

Do you have an issue with moving a window by dragging it across the screen and it suddenly snapping (automatically maximizing) to full screen? If so, you let the top of the window touch the top of the screen and … Continue reading

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Toggling JavaScript on and off in Firefox

As everyone is aware, modern web sites are full of advertisements. I can live with (and pretty well ignore) static adverts. The things that really drive me crazy are video clips – and especially the associated audio tracks – that … Continue reading

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Don’t suggest to switch to a local mirror

By default, in its latest release, Linux Mint 17.3 (Rosa) offers to switch the software repositories to a local mirror because “Local mirrors are usually faster than”. Unfortunately, for me, this is not the case.

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