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Safely removing a USB drive with a bash script

In a previous post (Safely removing a USB flash drive) I noted that, when removing an external USB drive, Linux Mint 18.2 (Sonya) provided a message indicating that “It is now safe to remove the drive”. However, I sometimes noticed … Continue reading

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Running a bash script in a program launcher

I have always included a “read” command at the end of a bash script if I wanted to pause the script, and keep the terminal window open, after the pre-programmed command sequence terminated. Recently, instead of running a script by … Continue reading

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The virtualbox kernel service is not running

After a recent set of updates, booting into Linux Mint produced a (transient) pop-up message box indicating that “The virtualbox kernel service is not running”. My immediate reaction was that there must be some problem that was preventing VirtualBox from … Continue reading

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Pausing a bash script

I recently wanted to have a bash script file stop at the end of the command sequence so that I could check which disk directory was then active. There are at least two ways to achieve this.

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Mounting a 4TB external USB drive

Linux Mint 16 doesn’t seem to want to auto-mount a 4TB external USB drive, even though it is perfectly happy to do so for a 1TB unit.

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Running Bash Scripts in Ubuntu

Have you ever had the problem where you double click on a script file and it opens in the editor rather than executing? One problem might be that the execute bit on the file (Properties – Permissions – Allow executing … Continue reading

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Disk Space Shortage

My recent encounter with system log files eating up disk space (see Low disk space warning) has me second guessing how much disk space is in use around my system. So, a recent how-to article entitled “5 ways to check … Continue reading

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