Tweaking Cinnamon’s menu in Linux Mint

One of life’s current mysteries is how to edit Cinnamon’s menu system in Linux Mint Version 19 (Tara). The trick is either to run cinnamon-menu-editor in Terminal or navigate to Menu – Right-click – Configure – Menu – Open the menu editor. (Note the link at the bottom of the first section – Layout and content – of the window.)

Then the next question is how to remove one of the icons that are docked on the left side of the start menu. In my case, I have replaced Firefox with Opera so I don’t need the launch icon for Firefox in the top-left corner of the default start menu. While not intuitive, the solution is actually very simple – just drag the icon over top of the application menu and release it. The icon disappears. Magic!



How to add a shortcut to a command to the Cinnamon menu?

How can I remove ‘docked’ items in the Cinnamon menu (“start”) bar on Linux Mint?

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