Vertical Scroll Bars in Linux Mint Tara

The latest release of Linux Mint (Version 19 – Tara) uses the Mint-Y theme. Unfortunately this provides a thin scroll bar in LibreOffice Writer, does not display the single line up/down controls, and offers, to my mind, a rather strange method for navigating through the text.

Notably, left-clicking above or below the present location of the scroll bar jumps to the approximate region of the text associated with the position selected on the scroll bar. For example, clicking about one quarter of the way down the scroll bar shifts the display to about one quarter of the way down the document. Now, this may be fine for some users, but I prefer the more usual scroll bar actions where left-clicking results in moving one line or one page forward or backward in the text.

Previously (see Vertical Scroll Bars in Linux Mint 17) I have achieved this by installing mate-themes and selecting Traditional Green as the theme of choice. This basic method also works in Tara. Having downloaded mate-themes, I navigated to System Settings – Appearance – Themes – Controls and selected Traditional Green. This restores the usual set of scroll bars in Writer and makes my life much easier!


Vertical Scroll Bars in Linux Mint 17

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3 Responses to Vertical Scroll Bars in Linux Mint Tara

  1. Chris Taylor says:

    Sounds like Mint is trying to emulate Microsoft. A couple of feature releases ago, Windows 10 inherited not only thin scroll bars, but scroll bars that totally disappeared. In the latest feature release, Microsoft returned the ability (a non-default setting that most people will likely never find!) to stop having vertical scroll bars disappear. It is very much a work-in-progress, with the setting not applying in many cases, but it is perhaps a return to a more sane situation.

    I really have to wonder why ANY operating system would want to reduce or eliminate a perfectly good visual cue that there is more to be seen.

    The behavior you note about moving within the document is likewise very odd. That behavior was easily achieved by dragging the scroll button to wherever you wanted. The idea of clicking makes much more sense in the precise movements of a page or a line.

    What were they thinking…

    • Alan German says:


      True. But, at least, Mint provides the ability to customize the behaviour of the scroll bars. Admittedly, a non-intuitive method for customization, but at least something works!


      • Chris Taylor says:

        I get really tired sometimes of waiting for Microsoft to “do the right thing”.

        Although I will never have the ability to fix things, it is really nice to have a situation where someone else can.

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