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Updating the GRUB2 boot menu

Some time ago, I indicated how to manually update the grub boot menu (see: GRUB2 revisited). This required quite a lot of effort to change file permissions and edit several text files. A much simpler method, that uses a graphical … Continue reading

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Updating Linux Mint

Mint 17.2 has recently been released and I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that all I had to do was keep installing the usual series of updates and the OS would automatically be updated to the new version; however, that … Continue reading

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Logging the boot process

Booting the Asus T100 into Ubuntu Linux takes forever – but why? To find out, we need to show the commands being executed as they occur and/or to review the commands used at the end of the boot process.

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Linux course

Want to know more about the internal workings of Linux? The Linux Foundation is making their on-line Introduction to Linux course freely available through EDX.

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Installer Crashed

After reminiscing about the past few years in the last two postings, it’s back to business after the installation of the new release of Linux Mint 16 (Petra) went pear shaped.

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Re-installing GRUB2

On occasion, it may be necessary to re-install grub. This is especially true if, like me, you keep mucking around with disk drives – and partitions – until the computer will no longer boot! It’s then time to drag out … Continue reading

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Repairing GRUB

Well, my PowerPoint – actually LibreOffice Impress – presentation on the basics of Ubuntu Linux, given to members of the Ottawa PC Users’ Group a few days ago, went quite well. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the live … Continue reading

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Goodbye to an old friend – eventually!

I read in Softpedia’s Linux section that Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was coming to its end of life and would not be supported after 12-May-11. And, after replacing Hardy with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, I haven’t found it necessary to … Continue reading

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Bringing light to the darkness

One of the minor annoyances I have with Ubuntu 10.04 is that after the GRUB menu is displayed, and the selection is made to boot into Ubuntu, the display screen goes dark for quite some time. In fact, it remains … Continue reading

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A clean start

Mission accomplished. Version 2.6.32-30 of the Linux kernel was downloaded and installed by the update process. I subsequently rebooted to find this kernel occupying the default position in the boot menu.

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