Reclaiming disk space on Android devices

My smartphone has been complaining lately of a lack of space. It has almost a Gigabyte free so I don’t really know why it thinks it has a problem but, nevertheless, I decided to see how to fix it.

One of the things one can do is to clear cached data. And, on my version of the OS (Android 7.1.2, Nougat), this is really simple.

Navigate to Settings – Storage – Internal shared storage – Cached data – Clear cached data. Note that “This will clear cached data for all apps.” Now, while this might result in some items loading more slowly, I don’t believe it can do any real harm.

On my ‘phone it freed up about 0.5 GB of memory and made the lack-of-space message go away. So far, I haven’t noticed any issues resulting from the loss of cached information. So, I’m happy!


Clear All Cached App Data At Once on Android

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