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Safely removing a USB drive with a bash script

In a previous post (Safely removing a USB flash drive) I noted that, when removing an external USB drive, Linux Mint 18.2 (Sonya) provided a message indicating that “It is now safe to remove the drive”. However, I sometimes noticed … Continue reading

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Customizing Mint’s login screen

One of the things I don’t like about the default login screen in Linux Mint Cinnamon Version 18.3 (Sylvia) is the availability of a guest session. Fortunately, it’s easy to disable this function:

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Incorrect System Time in Linux Mint 18.3

After putting a fresh installation of Linux Mint 18.3 (Sylvia) in place on my dual-booted laptop computer, I noticed that the system date was fours hours slow. Previously, I found this to be related to the difference in which Windows … Continue reading

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Yet another text editor

It’s just over a year since I switched text editors and started using Pluma because other Linux editors were not showing my mounted data partition directly in the “Open Files” dialogue box (see: Xed, Gedit, and Pluma in Mint 18). … Continue reading

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Minimized applications disappearing

My current distro is Linux Mint MATE Version 18.2 (Sonya). Recently, I noticed that I would minimize a running application (e.g. LibreOffice Writer), but no placeholder for the app showed up in the panel. Initially, I thought that there was … Continue reading

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Scheduling Back In Time

Five years ago, in a series of posts, I outlined the difficulties that I experienced in getting Back In Time to make a daily backup of my dedicated data partition. After finding a solution to this issue (see: Getting to … Continue reading

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Installing – and Uninstalling – LightDM in Linux Mint 18.2

Clement Lefebvre’s blog entry on how to upgrade Linux Mint to Version 18.2 (Sonya) indicates that the new LightDM display manager, along with the “Slick” greeter, is not installed by default. However, a section of the blog shows how to … Continue reading

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