Changing the date/time format on the panel

By default, the clock/calendar display on the panel in Linux Mint 19 (Tara) takes a form such as 11:15. Short and sweet – but perhaps too much so. However, the format can be easily changed by right-clicking on the calendar, selecting “Configure”, and turning on the switch for “Use a custom date format”.

The parameters for the “Date format” are rather cryptic. Fortunately, there is a link to “Show information on date format syntax”. This takes you to a really neat web site – FOR A GOOD STRFTIME – developed by Mike Buckbee.

The initial page provides a set of radio buttons where you can choose from several preset date/time formats and see the associated parameters displayed in a “Format” window. Cut and paste these parameters into Calendar’s “Date format” field and you are in business.

Even better, Mike allows you to create a custom format using a “Build Your Own” page where you can drag and drop individual parameters to produce a custom string. And, there is another page that defines all of the available parameters.

It’s very comprehensive and works like a charm. So, well done – and many thanks – Mike!



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