Finding text in Firefox

Sometimes when trying to find a text string in Firefox, by using the Edit – Find command, it’s difficult to locate the result on the screen because of the text highlighting colour. One of the things I really like about Linux, and many of its associated programs, is that it is often easy to apply some form of customization. However, that’s not to say that the process is necessarily intuitive – and this is certainly the case for changing Firefox’s text highlight colour.

Fortunately, “Matt_G”, an Administrator on Mozilla’s Support Forum, has the answer. Just follow these steps:

(1) Enter about:config into Firefox’s address bar

(2) Promise to be careful!

(3) Scroll down to ui.textSelectBackgroundAttention, right-click on this line and select Modify (or if this data element isn’t present, add it by right-clicking on any data element and selecting New – String)

(4) Change the string value for ui.textSelectBackgroundAttention to Red (or any other colour or hexidecimal colour value)

(5) Close the about:config tab

Now, when you search for a text string on a web page, the result will be highlighted in red – and easy to find!


How can I change the firefox text find color?

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New calendar alarm required

The other thing that no longer worked after my upgrade from Linux Mint 13 to Mint 17 (Moving from Mint 13 to Mint 17) was KAlarm. I installed this using Software Manger but, when I ran the program, I received the error message “The Akonadi personal information management service is not operational.”
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One-click shutdown and restart

Having updated from Linux Mint 13 to Mint 17, primarily to fix a problem with custom application launchers (see previous post), it’s ironic that one of the things that doesn’t work after the upgrade is the application launcher(s) in question! However, it turns out that there is an easy fix.
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Moving from Mint 13 to Mint 17

Recent updates to Linux Mint 13 (Maya) broke the custom application launchers to shutdown and restart my system at one click of the mouse. It wasn’t immediately obvious which of several updates was the culprit and, rather than put in time searching for the problem, I looked for an alternative solution. In particular, I have been wondering about when I should transition from the Mint 13 long-term support (LTS) version to Mint 17 LTS. I decided that I should upgrade the entire system and, hopefully, fix my launcher problem at the same time.
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Booting Ubuntu and Android on the T100

Once my problem with BitLocker disk encryption was solved (see previous posting), it was back to trying out Magic Stick as a bootable Linux/Android device. The instructions posted in the xdadevelopers forum indicate that “The installation procedure is extremely simple”. By “installation” the writer means booting from the USB drive since the instructions don’t actually include details of how to install either Linux or Android to the T100’s SSD. However, the “extremely simple” part is true – with one small caveat (see notes 2 and 3 below).
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Turn off BitLocker on the T100

In my previous posting, I indicated that my attempts to install Linux on the T100 had eventually lead to my bricking the machine and, after it had been restored to health by an Asus Service Centre, I was planning to sit back and see how things developed. However, in a comment to my posting, “tr3w” suggested that I should continue using Linux through a bootable USB drive. Then, recently, in the Asus T100 Ubuntu Google+ Group, Ciprian Negrila indicated that the “Magic Stick” software would allow either Ubuntu or Android to be booted from a USB drive – without the dreaded mmcblk0rpmb timeout errors! Now, this sounded too good to miss, so I downloaded the Magic Stick package, installed it on a USB drive, disabled Secure Boot on the T100, and booted into the USB drive – only to be greeted by a “Preparing BitLocker Recovery” screen!
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Asus T100 Transformer – A Cautionary Tale

This little tablet comes with Windows 8.1 installed and clearly has all the right drivers available for the OEM operating system to support the hardware. Regrettably, the same cannot be said for Linux. While various users are getting close to a working system, installing Linux on the T100 is fraught with difficulties – and some dangers!
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