Pausing a bash script

I recently wanted to have a bash script file stop at the end of the command sequence so that I could check which disk directory was then active. There are at least two ways to achieve this.

(1) Use an echo – read command sequence

echo “Shell command complete”

(2) Use the read command with a p(rompt) switch

read -p “Shell command complete”


read – Read a line from standard input

How do I prompt for input in a Linux shell script?

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The case of the disappearing desktop icons

So, all the desktop icons, including Computer, Home and Mounted Volumes, disappeared without a trace. Worse, rebooting had no effect. However, when I loaded the home folder in Mint’s Caja file manager, suddenly all the icons reappeared – but, only to be lost once more on rebooting.

A check on the desktop settings (Menu – Control Centre – Desktop Settings) showed that the boxes for Computer, Home and Mounted Volumes were all checked. However, I thought I had found the culprit when I checked Menu – Preferences – CompizConfig Settings Manager – Desktop and saw that Show Desktop was unchecked. But, interestingly, checking this box had no effect on the desktop display – or lack thereof.

Web postings suggested (a) that Caja should run in the background and display the desktop icons but, if Caja is terminated, the desktop icons disappear, and (b) if the desktop icons are not being displayed on boot-up then Caja may not be starting automatically.

The fix offered by Cigydd in the Linux Mint Forums was to add the command caja -n as a start-up application (Menu – Preferences – Startup Applications). This runs Caja on boot-up, with the switch producing no-default-window.

While this is probably a rather inelegant solution to the problem of the sudden disappearance of desktop icons, it worked on my system.


undo disappearing MATE desktop?

Desktop icons gone in MATE, caja not started automatically

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I recently installed Wine on a Linux Mint/Mate machine and followed up by installing my ancient Windows-based Homesite HTML editor. The problems started when there was no Wine entry, and hence no Homesite entry, in Mate’s main menu. However, there were lots of associated entries in the “Other” category – too many in fact!
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Uninstalling TrueCrypt

Since Truecrypt has effectively been superseded by the newer VeraCrypt. It seemed reasonable to tidy up the system by uninstalling Truecrypt. However, this software package doesn’t show up in searches of either Software Manager or Package Manager under Linux Mint. It turns out that one needs to use the following command in a Terminal window in order to uninstall the software:
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Moving from Truecrypt to VeraCrypt

Recent postings on the web indicated that two critical flaws had been discovered in Truecrypt. Since this application is no longer under development, the problems were not going to be fixed, and it was time to move on from my go-to file encryption software. Fortunately, with the demise of Truecrypt, a fork of the software – VeraCrypt – has been produced, and this open-source product has already been patched to fix the coding flaws. So, let the installation begin…
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Larger than expected swap space

Needing to eliminate redundant files on my hard disk in order to reclaim some storage space, I ran BleachBit and was surprised to receive the warning message “swap device /dev/sda6 is larger than expected”.
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Updating to Windows 10 on a Dual-Boot System

I didn’t want to wait for the Windows 10 update to be pushed to my development machine so I opted to use the Media Creation Tool to update Windows manually. At least I tried to do so.
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