Sort folders before files in LibreOffice

A recent update to LibreOffice seems to have changed the order in which files and folders are displayed in the File-Open dialogue box. Previously, all the sub-folders were listed ahead of the files in the current folder. Now, files and folders are listed together in alphabetical order. Changing this behaviour is simple, but non-intuitive.

Perhaps it’s me but (a) I couldn’t find a setting in LibreOffice to control the display of files and folders in the File-Open dialogue, and (b) I couldn’t seem to come up with search terms in Google that would provide a solution.

Trial and error experimentation identified one solution. Navigate to File – Open, right-click in the dialogue box to bring up a content menu, and check the box labelled “Sort Folders before Files”.

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Tweaking Cinnamon’s menu in Linux Mint

One of life’s current mysteries is how to edit Cinnamon’s menu system in Linux Mint Version 19 (Tara). The trick is either to run cinnamon-menu-editor in Terminal or navigate to Menu – Right-click – Configure – Menu – Open the menu editor. (Note the link at the bottom of the first section – Layout and content – of the window.)
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Installing Wine in Linux Mint Tara

Anyone wishing to install Wine in Linux Mint Version 19 (Tara), and looking at the entries produced by a search in Software Manager, is faced with a fairly bewildering choice of installation options. I don’t claim to know the most efficient means of installing Wine, but I did find a procedure that worked on my 64-bit system.
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Vertical Scroll Bars in Linux Mint Tara

The latest release of Linux Mint (Version 19 – Tara) uses the Mint-Y theme. Unfortunately this provides a thin scroll bar in LibreOffice Writer, does not display the single line up/down controls, and offers, to my mind, a rather strange method for navigating through the text.
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Turn off Timeshift warnings in Linux Mint Tara

Linux Mint Version 19.0 Beta (Tara) was released today. One of the new features is the Timeshift system backup option. By default, Update Manager issues a warning if Timeshift has not been activated. But, if you have no intention of using Timeshift, how do you turn this off?
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Managing mail folders in K-@mail

Recently, a number of “strange” folders appeared in an IMAP account in the K-@mail app on my Android smartphone. However, the folders were not present on the mail server when I accessed my account through the web interface. So, the question was how to make the upstarts go away!
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Using portrait and landscape page formats in the same Calc spreadsheet

I have been developing a simple general ledger spreadsheet in LibreOffice Calc. Most of the account listings fit nicely onto a page in portrait format; however, the general ledger has more columns of data, and requires printing in landscape format. My initial thought was to use a macro to toggle the page format when printing the different pages of the worksheet. However, there is a simpler and much more elegant solution.
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