Installing Wine in Linux Mint Tara

Anyone wishing to install Wine in Linux Mint Version 19 (Tara), and looking at the entries produced by a search in Software Manager, is faced with a fairly bewildering choice of installation options. I don’t claim to know the most efficient means of installing Wine, but I did find a procedure that worked on my 64-bit system.

The first specific option for Wine displays as Wine1.6. Now, since we know that the latest stable release of Wine is 3.0.1, this is probably not what we need. Scrolling further down the list identifies Wine-stable which, if we expand the listing, is identified as Version 3.0-1ubuntu1. While it says that “This is still a work in progress and many applications may not work”, it sounds close enough to the latest release to be worth a try.

The installation process indicates that the wine64 and libwine packages also need to be installed. Providing acceptance for these lets the installation process proceed to completion.

Running the command “wine --version” in Terminal then produces the message “It looks like wine32 is missing, you should install it as root, please execute apt-get install win32”. Prefacing this command with sudo (i.e. sudo apt-get install win32) installs more software after which the wine --version command reports: wine3.0 (Ubuntu 3.0-1ubuntu1).

My main reason for installing Wine was to run HomeSite, my favourite HTML Editor. I have been using this Windows program in various Linux distros, commencing with Ubuntu Version 10.04. While some distros need more care and attention to detail, I was able to install HomeSite in Tara by simply changing directory to the folder with the setup program (Setup.EXE) and running the command “wine Setup.EXE”.

[Note that it may also be necessary to run the command “winecfg” to establish the Wine entry on the main menu – I did this before I checked if the menu entry had been established, but didn’t need to modify any of the default settings.]

Once both Wine and my application had both been installed, a Wine entry was available in the main menu which, in turn, provided access to run HomeSite. Success!



Wine Tasting

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9 Responses to Installing Wine in Linux Mint Tara

  1. Now on the site of wineHQ they give info on how to install on Mint 19

  2. Randall says:

    those instructions on winehq caused my repositories to be damaged. it wouldn’t even check for system updates. I had to run timeshift to restore my system.

    • Alan German says:


      Sorry to hear that you had trouble installing Wine. Where are the instructions that you used posted on the WineHQ web site? I simply used Software Manager and followed the resulting instructions. I only included a link to WineHQ in my post so that other users could look up the current release of the software as and when necessary.


  3. mirko jokic says:

    I decided to go back to Rosa where Wine was ingraded – simply I could not find the way of installing Wine on Tara – now after all it is responding me that some part in Wine are broken and cannot go on.
    Has anyone precise sudo instructions on one place. or how purge wine before starting again

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