Bluetooth on a Moto G3 won’t connect in the car

The only thing (so far) that didn’t work on my Moto G3 smartphone running Android 7.1 (Nougat) was the Bluetooth connection between the phone and my car. This worked with the previous version of Android (Marshmallow) but, after installing the LineageOS 14.1, the two units wouldn’t connect.
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Rooting the LineageOS 14.1 Custom ROM

In the previous post, we saw how to install Android 7.1 (Nougat) on a Moto G3 smartphone using the “Official LineageOS 14.1” custom ROM. The installation of this package results in the phone being unrooted, so how do we restore root (assuming we wish to do so)?
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Installing a Custom ROM in a Moto G3

Over a number of recent posts, we have been working towards installing an updated version of the Android operating system on a Moto G3 smartphone. We have unlocked the bootloader, backed up the entire system, and have rooted the phone. Now, it’s time to install a custom ROM and upgrade the OS to a “forbidden” version (i.e. a new version of Android that is not being supplied by Motorola as an update to the Moto G3). While this process ultimately proved to be quite straightforward, there were some important lessons to be learned (by me) along the way.
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Turn off notification sounds in K-@mail

I have been using the K-@mail app (“KatMail” as opposed to the “K-9mail” app) on my Android smartphone for a little while now. But, I was being constantly bugged by sound notifications of incoming messages. K-@mail ‘s web site is currently under development and has no real content and, for some reason, Dr. Google doesn’t seem to know much about this app. So, support options are pretty limited.
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Android system apps that are safe to delete

Whenever you go to uninstall a system app on an Android system, “big brother” warns that some apps are necessary for the system to run correctly, and that other apps may misbehave if you delete this one. Do these dire warnings scare you off from doing anything? They don’t have to.
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Uninstalling (Android) system apps with a non-system app

In the previous post, we used a manual method to uninstall system apps on a Moto G3 Android smartphone. Another way to (hopefully) achieve the same ends is to use a Play Store app designed for the purpose. One of the major resources for this task is Titanium Backup, so let’s take a look at the possibilities for using this app.
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When is (Android) root not root?

Having rooted my Moto G3 smartphone, and before trying to install a custom ROM, I decided to explore what my newly-minted root access would actually provide. In particular, I wanted to clean out some system apps that I never use, and root access is a necessary prerequisite to doing this. There are various ways of removing system apps – from a manual method using a file manager that can make use of root access – to specific apps that are designed to either backup or remove other apps. However, it appears that there can still be problems with the root user not actually having root access!
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