Android system apps that are safe to delete

Whenever you go to uninstall a system app on an Android system, “big brother” warns that some apps are necessary for the system to run correctly, and that other apps may misbehave if you delete this one. Do these dire warnings scare you off from doing anything? They don’t have to.
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Uninstalling (Android) system apps with a non-system app

In the previous post, we used a manual method to uninstall system apps on a Moto G3 Android smartphone. Another way to (hopefully) achieve the same ends is to use a Play Store app designed for the purpose. One of the major resources for this task is Titanium Backup, so let’s take a look at the possibilities for using this app.
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When is (Android) root not root?

Having rooted my Moto G3 smartphone, and before trying to install a custom ROM, I decided to explore what my newly-minted root access would actually provide. In particular, I wanted to clean out some system apps that I never use, and root access is a necessary prerequisite to doing this. There are various ways of removing system apps – from a manual method using a file manager that can make use of root access – to specific apps that are designed to either backup or remove other apps. However, it appears that there can still be problems with the root user not actually having root access!
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Yet another text editor

It’s just over a year since I switched text editors and started using Pluma because other Linux editors were not showing my mounted data partition directly in the “Open Files” dialogue box (see: Xed, Gedit, and Pluma in Mint 18). Now, Pluma is exhibiting the same behaviour. So, it’s time to switch once more.
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Minimized applications disappearing

My current distro is Linux Mint MATE Version 18.2 (Sonya). Recently, I noticed that I would minimize a running application (e.g. LibreOffice Writer), but no placeholder for the app showed up in the panel. Initially, I thought that there was a problem with the panel’s settings, i.e. the Window List option was not set. I turned this on (Panel – Right-click – Add – Window List) only to find that the placeholder still wasn’t being displayed. Then, I realized this only happened when the application was initially running on the second monitor of my dual-monitor setup. However, as usual, Linux is sufficiently flexible to accommodate my situation, although the process is not particularly intuitive.
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TWRP Custom Recovery – MIA

My next plan was to test the process for uninstalling a number of system apps that I never use. Before going ahead with this, I intended to make a backup of the current system, just in case the doom and gloom about this potentially resulting in other apps no longer functioning proved to be a problem. However, booting the phone into fastboot mode, and selecting recovery, didn’t launch the TWRP Custom Recovery software as I expected, instead I saw a “dead” Android soldier and the ominous message: “No command”.
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Disabling System Apps on a Smartphone

Perhaps the main attraction of having a rooted smartphone is the prospect of being able to bypass a lack of current operating system updates from the phone’s manufacturer through the installation of a user-developed port of the latest version of Android. This was in fact the impetus for the present activity in unlocking my Moto G3’s bootloader and rooting this phone. However, there is one other huge reported benefit – the ability to get rid of bloatware!
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