Top Dog?

The default E-mail client on my Android smartphone had the annoying habit of deleting messages from the mail server if I deleted them from my phone. Even worse, there didn’t seem to be a setting to change this behaviour. And, since my main system for E-mail resides on my desktop computer, it wasn’t acceptable to “lose” incoming messages just because I had previewed them on my phone – and then opted to keep the inbox tidy. Clearly, I was using the wrong E-mail client for my specific needs and needed a program with some additional features.

An on-line search for E-mail clients for Android systems identified K-9 Mail as an open-source alternative. K-9 seems to work just fine, and has a wide range of optional settings, including “When I delete a message – Do not delete on server”. Perfect!

The program’s documentation indicates that “K-9” was Dr. Who’s robotic dog and that the icon is a picture of the said dog. Now, while I used to be a fan of Dr. Who on BBC television, I actually prefer the “envelope” icon used for the default Android mailer. So, I wondered if it was possible to change the icon associated with the application.

A further on-line search suggested that this could easily be achieved through the use of Icon Changer free. Downloading and installing this package through Google Play, did indeed provide a simple way to change the icon.

Running Icon Changer free produces a list of installed apps. Select K-9, opt to change the icon, navigate to Default Icons, select the envelope icon, and click on OK. Job done!



K-9 Mail

4 Ways to Change Apps Icons on Android – Without Root | Requires Root

How to Change Icons on Android Devices FREE!

Icon Changer free

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Slow-motion menu

One feature of Linux Mint 17 that doesn’t function particularly well is pressing the Menu button on the panel. Nothing happens. Well, nothing happens for a while. The menu is extremely slow to appear. This is a known issue and, fortunately, it only affects the first time the menu is called up. If the button is pressed on subsequent occasions, the menu instantly snaps into view, as one would expect.
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A PDF Reader for Android

Reading PDF files on a smartphone isn’t the easiest task in the world. The screen is tiny so it isn’t practical to view an entire page in portrait mode. One has to orient the screen in landscape mode which necessarily means lots of scrolling – both vertically down any given page – and horizontally to move between pages.
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Missing icons for applications

Another odd setting in my recent installation of Linux Mint 17 came to light when I minimized a LibreOffice window. There was no icon (button) for the application being displayed on the panel so I thought I had no way to restore the window. A little searching on the Internet using Google turned up a couple of solutions.
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Firefox doesn’t start in Linux Mint 17 [Solved]

It never fails to amaze me how the Linux community comes up with obscure fixes to obscure problems – well, at least, obscure problems/solutions to me!
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Setting a default page for a new browser tab

My recent problem with Firefox under Linux Mint 17 (Firefox doesn’t start in Linux Mint 17) that resulted in a move to Chrome had me looking for a browser extension (add-on) that would let me set a default page to be loaded when I open a new tab.
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Firefox doesn’t start in Linux Mint 17

After installing the new release of Linux Mint on my development machine, I found that Firefox won’t start. Navigating to Menu – Internet – Firefox has absolutely no visible effect. However, running firefox in Terminal produces the error message: “GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion ‘sys_page_size == 0′ failed ” along with several warnings. So, now what?
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