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Safely removing a USB flash drive

Some time ago I was experimenting with a bash script to safely remove a USB drive (see: Running a bash script in a program launcher). My plan was to issue a umount command and then provide a message that it … Continue reading

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Big Brother and Window Control Placement

Several years ago I found out how to switch the window controls from the left side to the right side of an active window. Now, it appears that the developers of the Unity desktop Ubuntu Linux have eliminated this option.

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Running a bash script in a program launcher

I have always included a “read” command at the end of a bash script if I wanted to pause the script, and keep the terminal window open, after the pre-programmed command sequence terminated. Recently, instead of running a script by … Continue reading

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Updating Linux Mint

Mint 17.2 has recently been released and I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that all I had to do was keep installing the usual series of updates and the OS would automatically be updated to the new version; however, that … Continue reading

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Mobile presentations

Do you use LibreOffice Impress and own an Android smartphone? Want to use your smartphone as a remote control for your presentations? Look no further. Download LibreOffice Impress Remote from Google’s Play Store.

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Vertical Scroll Bars in Linux Mint 17

The official release of Linux Mint 17 (Qiana) was made yesterday. Qiana is a long term support (LTS) version and, as such, will be supported for five years (i.e. until 2019), making this a very desirable product. Downloading and installing … Continue reading

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Mounting a 4TB external USB drive

Linux Mint 16 doesn’t seem to want to auto-mount a 4TB external USB drive, even though it is perfectly happy to do so for a 1TB unit.

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