Pasting text into a terminal window

The fact that I could copy text to the clipboard using Ctrl-C but not be able to paste it onto the command line in Terminal using Ctrl-V was always a mystery to me. Ctrl-C for copy, and Ctrl-V for paste, seem to be standard hot keys for almost every application in the Windows’ world, and work just fine in Linux programs such as Gedit and OpenOffice Writer. So, why doesn’t Ctrl-V work “as advertised” in Terminal?

I don’t know the answer to this question, but I do know a workaround. Using Edit – Paste from Terminal’s menu allows text (usually a Linux command string) to be pasted onto the command line.

I have used this technique for years until, just recently, I came across a question on that provided a couple of faster options.

Pasting Clipboard Contents into Terminal

Q. How can I paste clipboard contents into terminal without having to right click then press the “Paste” menu item? Ctrl-V doesn’t work here!

A. Middle-click, Shift+Ins, or Shift+Ctrl+V.

As indicated, the hot key is Ctrl-Shift-V rather than just Ctrl-V. For non-keyboard lovers, “Middle-click” will generally mean pressing the scroll wheel on the mouse, using this as a centre button.



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