Help is at hand

Need some help with a specific aspect of Ubuntu? Certainly, Google is your friend. However, there are some other options that may provide relatively direct input. Here is my annotated list of sources of information:


Probably everyone knows how to access Google and search for a word or phrase describing the problem. Sometime, it is useful to start the query with the word Ubuntu to try to make the search results more relevant. If you have a specific error message, or something similar, enter it between quotation marks to really focus the results.
Ubuntu Forums

This web site is specific to Ubuntu, and has a huge number of questions and answers already posted. If you are looking for a previous posting and your search doesn’t seem to run, make sure that you answered the “skill-testing” question (the answers are 2, A, orange…) The search page is rather busy and it’s easy to miss the required “random question”.
Ask Ubuntu

This is another Ubuntu-specific web site where questions from users are generally answered almost immediately. The page also has a search box where previous questions and responses can be located.

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