Modifying the Netflix key on an Nvidia Shield TV remote control

I recently switched to an ISP that provides TV through an on-line connection to an Android TV device. I chose Nvidia’s Shield TV for this purpose. The system has a nice remote control with a dedicated (large) button to access Netflix. The problem is that the button is very sensitive. It’s really easy to brush against the button and load Netflix inadvertently. Fortunately, there is a relatively easy fix.

The search for a solution resulted from my switching from Netflix to Acorn TV. Obviously, a button that loaded Netflix when I no longer had a subscription to the service wasn’t particularly useful. So, I wondered if the Netflix key could be re-programmed.

There was nothing obvious in the device’s user guide so the next choice was “YouTube University”. Sure enough, a search on Google took me to a video by Smart DNS Proxy ( that provided the necessary information.

The first stage in the process is to load the Button Mapper app from flar2 using Google’s Play Store. [Note – wave national flag here – that this is a made-in-Canada app with the developer being “asegaert” from Blenheim, Ontario.)

Next, using the remote control on Shield TV, navigate to Settings – Accessibility – Button Mapper and enable this app.

Now, run the Button Mapper app and select Add Buttons. When prompted, press the Netflix button to indicate that this is the key to be re-mapped. The button (BUTTON_12) is now displayed in the Add Buttons window. Select this button to open the customization screen.

Button Mapper customization

Here is where the magic happens. Enable Customize using the slider. Note that there are three different triggers that can be set to activate the button: Single tap, Double tap, and Long press.

Even if you don’t want to remap the key away from Netflix, customizing the Single tap to take No Action, solves the problem of inadvertently pressing the Netflix key. Instead, program the Double tap and/or Long press actions to open the Netflix app.

In my case (see simulated screenshot), I used this sequence of triggers to open the Acorn TV app instead of Netflix. Both problems solved!



How to Remap Netflix Buttons on NVIDIA Shield TV 2019

Button Mapper: Remap your keys

Button Mapper: Remap your keys

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