OpenGapps Variants

One of the annoyances with certain versions of Android is its insistence on indicating that “You are running low on free space” and, in particular, refusing to update apps even when the available free space is much greater than the size of the update. Of course, this is mainly a function of the limited internal memory of my (now) ancient Moto G3 smartphone. But, even so, this senior citizen nominally has 8 GB of memory, and usually has at least 500 MB of free space (with tons more on the separate SDcard – which evidently doesn’t count!)

When I started installing custom ROM’s, I selected Stock OpenGapps, thinking that this was probably the most comprehensive set of Google apps. Of course, then I spent some time trying to remove the apps that I never used, which usually wasn’t possible, leaving me with the option to disable them and so minimize their footprint.

Recently, when I was trying some different custom ROM’s, various developers suggested using either pico- or micro-Gapps. I was intrigued by this suggestion and then the light dawned. These must be small subsets of the main set of OpenGapps – i.e. fewer apps – requiring less internal storage space.

A quick check on the OpenGapps site shows this to be the case. The pico variant, for example, contains a mere eight apps.

So, when I installed the current release of LineageOS 14.1 (developed by MSe1969), I opted to flash the pico-version of OpenGapps. The combination of these pieces of software, even after installing my set of preferred apps, produced almost 3 GB (2.94 GB) of free space in internal memory. So, chalk up another benefit of custom ROM’s!


opengapps Package Comparison

[ROM][Osprey][LineageOS 14.1][Substratum][microG] (hardened)

A Stable Custom ROM for the Moto G3

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