Re-install a previously purchased Android app

I recently obtained a new Android smartphone and installed my favourite apps from Google’s Play Store. At least, I installed all the free ones. The problem I had was how to install a proprietary app that I had purchased previously and had used on my old phone. The developer’s web site indicated that the app that had been paid for could be download again and re-installed but didn’t provide any instructions. However, an E-mail to the support desk quickly provided the answer.

As a note of caution, if you purchase apps from the Play Store, make a note of the user account (usually a Google account) that was used. It is necessary to log on to the Play Store using this same account in order to access previously-installed apps.

The process for finding and installing a previously-purchased app is very simple:

1. Open Google’s Play Store

2. Click on the menu icon (the “hamburger” icon consisting of three horizontal bars) in the top-left corner of the window.

(Note that the menu screen will display the username and account that is currently logged on. If you have multiple accounts a drop-down menu will allow you to select the appropriate account.)

3. Select “My apps & games”

4. Select “LIBRARY”

5. Scroll down to the desired app and click “INSTALL”


Reinstall and re-enable apps

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