Managing mail folders in K-@mail

Recently, a number of “strange” folders appeared in an IMAP account in the K-@mail app on my Android smartphone. However, the folders were not present on the mail server when I accessed my account through the web interface. So, the question was how to make the upstarts go away!

Usually, the basic mail folders – Inbox, Drafts, Outbox, Sent, Trash and Spam – are displayed when listing the folders for an E-mail account. However, suddenly, additional folders appeared, namely: INBOX.Drafts, INBOX.Sent, INBOX.Trash and, in particular, nfs00000000049d12000… (lots more numbers on this one!)

Each of these oddball folders was apparently empty (“No messages”) And, as noted, they weren’t present on the IMAP server. So, where do they come from?

One of the things I looked at was Settings – Folders – Folders to display. I found this to be set to “All”. When I changed this setting to “1st and 2nd Class folders”, the oddball folders were no longer displayed. So, it would appear that these latter folders are used by the mail app in some manner. And, whether or not they are listed as “current” folders can be controlled by the setting for which classes of folders are to be included in the display.

So, problem solved? Well, almost. Having eliminated the nfs000… folder and its cousins, I also noticed that my personal mail folder – “Alan” – was no longer being displayed.

The “fix” employed suggests that, if Alan is not being displayed, then it isn’t either a first or second class folder. So, the new question is how do I change the folder’s class?

It turns out that this is relatively straightforward. Change the settings so as to once again display all folders. Bring up the list of folders. Long-press on the Alan folder, and then click on the gear icon to bring up the settings for this specific folder. Change the “Folder display class” from “None” to “2nd Class”. Finally, change the settings for displaying folders back to “1st and 2nd Class folders”.

Bingo! Now, only the desired folders are displayed for the E-mail account.


K-9mail Folders

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