Using portrait and landscape page formats in the same Calc spreadsheet

I have been developing a simple general ledger spreadsheet in LibreOffice Calc. Most of the account listings fit nicely onto a page in portrait format; however, the general ledger has more columns of data, and requires printing in landscape format. My initial thought was to use a macro to toggle the page format when printing the different pages of the worksheet. However, there is a simpler and much more elegant solution.

A blog posting by Solveig Haugland, author of the Guidebook, shows how to use different page styles for individual pages in a given OpenOffice workbook. The same technique can readily be applied to LibreOffice, but the menu system is slightly different from that described by Solveig.

In LibreOffice Calc, the “Default” page style is applied to all pages in the worksheet. In order to create a different page style for my general ledger worksheet, I select this sheet and navigate to Format – Styles – Styles and Formatting. (Or, simply press F11).

With the “Default” style selected, I now click on the “New Style from Selection” icon in the right sidebar (a paragraph symbol adjacent to a number of horizontal lines), and name the new style “Landscape” in the pop-up dialogue box.

Right-clicking on the new Landscape page style, I select “Modify” and navigate to “Page – Orientation”. Finally, I select the “Landscape” radio button and press OK to save the changes.

The selected worksheet will now print (check with Print Preview) in landscape mode, while the remaining pages in the workshop will print in the default portrait mode.


Different page layouts for sheets in the same spreadsheet, in Calc

Calc Guide; Chapter 4; Using Styles and. Templates in Calc (604 KB PDF)…/userguide3/0304CG3-StylesAndTemplates.pdf

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