Moto G3 – Navigating XDA Developers

Custom ROM’s for Android devices are available from the XDA Developers web site ( Initially, users who are new to the site may find navigation a little difficult. This can certainly be the case when trying to locate relevant material for the Motorola Moto G3 smartphone.

The problem is that XDA Developers don’t usually refer to this phone as the Moto G3. Rather, on the web site, it is generally denoted as Moto G 2015. Entering this text string as a search term in the “search plus” box on the home page provides a “Jump to Forum” link that calls up the relevant forum, web page at:

On this page, a number of particularly useful links are provided. For example, under the category “MOTO G 2015 ORIGINAL ANDROID DEVELOPMENT”, there is a link to the instructions for downloading and installing the Official LineageOS 14.1custom ROM (Android 7.1) and the subsequent forum discussion. This custom ROM is produced by Alberto97 and is the package that we successfully installed in an earlier posting.



MOTO G 2015

[ROM][osprey] Official LineageOS 14.1

Rooting the LineageOS 14.1 Custom ROM

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