Rooting the LineageOS 14.1 Custom ROM

In the previous post, we saw how to install Android 7.1 (Nougat) on a Moto G3 smartphone using the “Official LineageOS 14.1” custom ROM. The installation of this package results in the phone being unrooted, so how do we restore root (assuming we wish to do so)?

Previously (Rooting a Moto G3 Smartphone), we installed the SuperSU software package; however, on the Q&A thread relating to LineageOS 14.1, the software’s developer, Alberto97, notes: “We discourage SuperSU usage, flash our su package (arm) and then enable root access from Settings -> Developer options.”

The link provided for the su package is which provides several versions of the software (e.g. arm, arm64, and x86). The package can be installed by booting into recovery mode. Subsequently, we navigate to Settings – Developer options, select “Root access”, and choose one of the options, such as “Apps only”.

Root access is now restored.


Official LineageOS 14.1 Q&A thread

Rooting a Moto G3 Smartphone

LineageOS Downloads – Extras

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