Turn off notification sounds in K-@mail

I have been using the K-@mail app (“KatMail” as opposed to the “K-9mail” app) on my Android smartphone for a little while now. But, I was being constantly bugged by sound notifications of incoming messages. K-@mail ‘s web site is currently under development and has no real content and, for some reason, Dr. Google doesn’t seem to know much about this app. So, support options are pretty limited.

The obvious location for a switch to turn off notifications is under the Settings – Notifications menu. However, while one can set a period for “quiet time”, and choose between vibrate and/or play ringtone as notification methods, there is no option to turn off sound entirely.

The trick is to select an E-mail account and bring up its Settings menu. Now, under Notifications, there are all kinds of options for managing the notification process – including New mail ringtone = None. That will do it!


K-@ Mail – Email App

If you like K-9 Mail, you’re gonna love this email app

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