Yet another text editor

It’s just over a year since I switched text editors and started using Pluma because other Linux editors were not showing my mounted data partition directly in the “Open Files” dialogue box (see: Xed, Gedit, and Pluma in Mint 18). Now, Pluma is exhibiting the same behaviour. So, it’s time to switch once more.

As I noted in the earlier post on this topic, my files are all located on my DataDisk partition. Many text editors do not show this folder in the main directory tree, rather it is only available by clicking on the “+ Other Locations” link.

This is unacceptable to me, so I looked for another editor which, while providing a reasonable suite of features, also displays a “classic” tree directory. My current choice is to use Geany, an editor that the developers say provides “a small and fast integrated development environment”. It also uses tabs for multiple open files which is a feature that I find really useful.

The only thing I’m not crazy about is the program’s default teapot icon. However, this is easily remedied by simply changing this icon to a more traditional notedpad-and-pencil image. I like the one created by Saki (Alexandre Moore), posted to IconArchive under the GNU General Public License.

So, how long before I need to go shopping for yet another text editor?


Xed, Gedit, and Pluma in Mint 18


Apps text editor Icon

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