Yet Another Android File Manager

Well, it didn’t take long for AndroXplorer File Manager (see previous post) to fall by the wayside and join the pile of discarded apps. For my taste, AndroExplorer requires just too many clicks to get anywhere. So, it’s on to the next file manager app.

The thing I liked about my previous file manager, ES File Explorer, was a big blue button that took me straight to the external SDcard where most of my files are stored. However, ES File Explorer seemed to be the source of a screen overlay detected error (see Screen Overlay Detected Error on Android) and a replacement was needed.

After reading a number of web-based reviews, I hit upon ASUS File Manager. Developed by ASUS Computer Inc., the app is available as a free download from Google Play.

The main features of the home screen are a number of coloured circles that provide access to various categories of files (e.g. Images, Documents), and two large buttons that link to the phone’s internal storage and the SDcard, respectively.

It’s this latter button that appeals to me. One click, and the files and folders that I frequently use are instantly accessible.

The user interface has a number of other features. For example, there seems to be a plethora of “Settings” buttons. It’s hard to keep track of which one does what. However, one of these controls the category buttons that are displayed on the home screen. Check boxes allow you to customize the categories that you wish to have displayed. But, the app developer seems to have a strong sense of aesthetics – or, at least, a strong sense of symmetry – since you must choose either 6 or 9 categories to be displayed. I hope that it isn’t really important to some user that only five categories should be listed!

If you are looking for a file manager for your Android smartphone or tablet, and want a simple-to-use interface, ASUS File Manager may just be what you are looking for.


ASUS File Manager

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