Screen Overlay Detected Error on Android

Recently, when I have tried to install a new application and had to set a permission such as allowing access to the camera, a warning message has popped up indicating “Screen Overlay Detected” and wanting me to turn off the screen overlay before I could continue with the new app.

On my MotoG smartphone, running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), the trick is to navigate to Settings – Apps, press the “gear wheel” to access the Configure apps menu, and select the Draw over other apps option. Unfortunately, there is no indication of which app that has permission to draw over other apps is causing the problem. Even worse, turning off this permission for all the apps listed didn’t solve the issue.

It turned out that the solution in my particular case was to uninstall ES File Explorer File Manager. Once this app had been removed, the screen overlay detected message no longer appeared and the new app functioned normally.

I have used ES File Explorer for some time, and have kept it up to date as new versions have been released. However, the current version just wasn’t working, given the problem with screen overlays. I am now looking for a new file manager that offers a simple interface and reasonable functionality. For now, I have installed AndroXplorer File Manager, so we’ll see if this makes the cut.


How to Fix the “Screen Overlay Detected” Error on Android

ES File Explorer File Manager

AndroXplorer File Manager

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