Safely removing a USB flash drive

Some time ago I was experimenting with a bash script to safely remove a USB drive (see: Running a bash script in a program launcher). My plan was to issue a umount command and then provide a message that it was safe to remove the drive.

Because I essentially inserted a pause at the end of the process, this generally worked satisfactorily. However, on occasion, I noticed that the drive’s red light was flashing, indicating that some disk activity was still in progress even though script had completed. So, I abandoned the script and caution remained the watchword.

Safely remove USB drive

Today, I updated Linux Mint to Version 18.2 (Sonya), updated my maintenance log to note the change, and then synchronized my data partition with my backup USB flash drive. Then, when I right-clicked on the USB drive and selected Eject, a message box popped up indicating that the drive could be safely removed. Well done Sonya – that’s perfect!


Running a bash script in a program launcher

How to upgrade to Linux Mint 18.2

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