Office 2007 and Wine Revisited

As noted in the previous two posts, installing and running Microsoft Office 2007 in Linux can be fraught with difficulties. While the earlier posts attempt to resolve some of the problems, it turns out that there is a better mousetrap – PlayOnLinux.

PlayOnLinux is actually a front end for Wine. It is primarily designed to run Windows-based games in Linux, but it has the added benefit of knowing how to install many Windows applications, including Office 2007, without any real effort on the part of the user.

PlayOnLinux can be installed from Mint’s Software Manager and ends up as an entry in the Games menu. Running the program brings up a dialogue box with a link to “Install a program” which displays the PlayOnLinux installation menu.

First, click on the “Office” icon and uncheck the box labelled “Testing”. “Microsoft Office 2007” is one of the options in the resulting list of software that can be installed. Select this entry and press “Install”. This launches the PlayOnLinux Wizard. Now, it’s simply a matter of following the prompts.

The only “trick” that might be required is if the installation medium for Office 2007 is not the original CD. In my case, I had copied the contents of the CD to a USB drive since my laptop was not equipped with an optical drive. PlayOnLinux posed the question: “Where is mounted your CD-ROM?” (sic). Rather than simply selecting the listed USB drive, I had to select “Other” and browse to the office 2007 sub-folder where the setup.exe program was located.

By default, PlayOnLinux installed Wine Version 1.6.2, wine-gecko-2.2.4.x86.msi, wine-mono-0.0.08.msi, updated wineprefix, installed KB936929 (Windows XP SP3), and established desktop shortcuts for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Installing Office2007 directly under Wine required all of these steps to be performed manually. Furthermore, all three office apps launched and ran more-or-less flawlessly without any further action on my part.

So, if you are experiencing trouble installing Office using Wine, it might be worth giving PlayOnLinux a try.



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