Big Brother and Window Control Placement

Several years ago I found out how to switch the window controls from the left side to the right side of an active window. Now, it appears that the developers of the Unity desktop Ubuntu Linux have eliminated this option.

“The window controls in Unity are on the left. It is not a setting, it’s where the designers chose to place them. This will not change.”

Stephen M. Webb, Canonical

The controls are designed to be in the top-left corner, and if, instead, you like the original top-right placement – well – tough! Tough that is if you use Unity with Ubuntu Linux.

The good news for Linux users is that there are many more desktops than just Unity, and many more distros than just Ubuntu. So, if Unity or Ubuntu won’t let you do what you want, all you have to do is switch desktops or distros.

Try Linux Mint, for example. The Mate version uses the top-right window control placement by default. So much for Big Brother!


You Can’t Move Window Controls to the Right on Ubuntu

Left – or right – of centre?

dconf-editor and Ubuntu 13.10

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