Limiting Daily Backups

I used to let Back In Time make a seemingly endless series of daily backups of my data partition – at least I did so until my backup disk got full! Then, it was time to see how to limit the number of backups to something a little more reasonable.

Back In Time actually has a very useful feature named Smart Remove (Settings – Auto-remove) that allows the user to establish which backups are to be retained, and hence which ones are automatically discarded.

In my case, I opted to keep all snapshots for the current day, one snapshot for each day of the previous week, one snapshot for each week over the last month, and one snapshot for each month over the past two years.


In the screen shots above, the Smart Remove settings are shown on the left while the resulting series of backups kept over the past few months is shown on the right.

The beauty of this system, is that the number – and size – of the backup files grows relatively slowly, and these are subject to upper limits. So, I can retain multiple backups of my data files without running out of storage.


Back to the future

Going further back in time

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