I recently installed Wine on a Linux Mint/Mate machine and followed up by installing my ancient Windows-based Homesite HTML editor. The problems started when there was no Wine entry, and hence no Homesite entry, in Mate’s main menu. However, there were lots of associated entries in the “Other” category – too many in fact!

A posting on the web suggested installing Alacarte in order to edit and repair the main menu. However, while I had previously found this package to be very useful under Gnome, it did not appear to act on any of the commands to add or remove menu entries for Linux Mint/Mate.

A second posting indicated that the default menu editor (mozo) could be accessed using the command: sudo mozo. This provided limited success. None of the menu items in the “Other” category were checked which accounts for them not being displayed in the main menu.

An associated problem was that it had been necessary to install Homesite 3.0 and then install an upgrade to Homesite 4.0. This essentially doubled the number of menu items. Previously, I had been able to uninstall Homesite 3.0 and eliminate its menu items. However, the uninstall menu entry produced a “File not found” error. Worse, the same error was produced by a number of the entries for HomeSite 4.0.

Eventually, one menu item that included the command line – env WINEPREFIX=”/home/toaster/.wine” wine start /ProgIDOpen AllaireProject %f – was found to run the Homesite application.

The simple fix was, therefore, to check this item so that it would be displayed as part of the main menu and ignore all the other entries! Not a very satisfying solution, but eminently practical.


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