New calendar alarm required

The other thing that no longer worked after my upgrade from Linux Mint 13 to Mint 17 (Moving from Mint 13 to Mint 17) was KAlarm. I installed this using Software Manger but, when I ran the program, I received the error message “The Akonadi personal information management service is not operational.”

Information gleaned from the web suggested that the problem was that kdepim4-runtime was missing. So, I played around with Synaptic Package Manager and installed a bunch of kdepim “stuff”. I could get Kalarm to start by running the program manually, but then was unable to have it run automatically on boot-up. I had fixed this problem previously by using kalarmautostart as a startup application; however, this time I thought I would look for a simpler solution – a program with fewer (or preferably no) dependencies.

My new calendar alarm of choice is Osmo. Billed as a personal organizer, it includes modules for a calendar, a task manager, an address book and notes. For my purposes the task manager is linked to the calendar so that I can set an alarm for a scheduled task. The authors (Tomek and Piotr Maka) also claim that the package is small, easy to use, and good looking and I would concur, at least in part, with these sentiments.

The program installed directly from the Software Manger and ran flawlessly first time around. Setting a scheduled task is really simple. Select the Tasks tab and then the New Task icon. A pop-up dialogue box will accept a summary (title) for the task, together with a longer description. A “Select date and time” button pops up a calendar for date selection with an option to set a specific time. There are several more options available, but I simply hit the OK button and the task was enabled.

I didn’t find the program windows to be particularly “good looking” as the authors suggest, but they are concise and hence very serviceable. The good-looking part occurs when the alarm sounds and the message box is displayed.


So, for now at least, I have a new calendar alarm to play with – one that just works – which is my kind of software!



Reminder notes with alarms

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