Booting Ubuntu and Android on the T100

Once my problem with BitLocker disk encryption was solved (see previous posting), it was back to trying out Magic Stick as a bootable Linux/Android device. The instructions posted in the xdadevelopers forum indicate that “The installation procedure is extremely simple”. By “installation” the writer means booting from the USB drive since the instructions don’t actually include details of how to install either Linux or Android to the T100’s SSD. However, the “extremely simple” part is true – with one small caveat (see notes 2 and 3 below).

The step-by step instructions are as follows:

1. Download the 1.47 GB Magic Stick zip file (T100TA Magic Stick from:

2. Extract the ZIP file. In another forum posting, the package’s author indicates that 7-Zip should be used to extract the archive’s contents since LZMA compression was used. If you use 7-Zip, and you are trying to extract the archive directly to a USB drive, make sure that you open the folder “T100TA Magic Stick 1.3” and tag all of the sub-folders and individual files in this folder (i.e. .disk, pressed, dists, etc.) for extraction. If you simply extract the folder “T100TA Magic Stick 1.3” to the USB drive, the USB won’t boot!

3. If you extracted the zip file’s contents to a folder on your hard drive, copy the extracted contents to a USB stick. (This where the package author intends you to copy the files and folders contained in the extracted folder “T100TA Magic Stick 1.3” to a USB drive.)

4. Disable secure boot in the UEFI firmware configuration. (Boot the T100, and immediately tap on the F2 key – usually quickly and frequently – in order to access enter the configuration screen.)

5. Press F10 to save the changes to the configuration and reboot.

6. The T100’s screen will show a Grub boot menu with options for either “Android 4.4.2” or “T100 Ubuntu 15.04”. (Note that the latter is a custom distro for the T100 that contains several machine-specific patches.)

Select your preferred test operating system. Press Enter. Sit back and watch the magic occur!


Asus T100-TA Magic Stick

Asus T100 Ubuntu


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15 Responses to Booting Ubuntu and Android on the T100

  1. BubbaGump says:

    First, thanks for keeping us updated about the “Linux porting” thing!
    Did you install Ubuntu on your T100 ?
    I installed it and it works pretty fine 🙂 I miss few things like smooth scrolling (which apparently works perfectly on liveUSB but not once it is installed), bluetooth and multigestures touchpad.
    Do you think those peripherals are going to work one day?

    • Alan German says:

      I have used Magic Stick as a live-USB but haven’t (yet) re-installed Ubuntu on my machine. The reports I see on the Asus T100 Ubuntu Google+ group are all positive. No major crashes. Just, as you note, some features not fully functional. Currently, there seems to be considerable momentum – and progress – in the development of Linux for the T100 so I am sure that everything will work just fine at some point in the future. My only question is when should I bite the bullet once again and actually install the OS!


  2. drbluetongue says:

    It seemed a few people had issues with the included 4.0 kernel in Magic Stick not booting at all – myself included. So I had to upgrade the kernel manually after the fact as the 3.19 kernel would hard lock if I tried to do a package install.

    I made this post on it, I hope this does help somebody:

  3. r3d0xion says:

    Were you able to install android to the ssd?

  4. When I boot the stick with my new t100, the keyboard nor touch screen are working. Any idea? So I can’t get past the grub selection … thanks!

  5. dodgejcr says:

    I have been working on getting Archlinux working on this thing for the past year or so (on and off) and have finally been sucessful for the most part.

    I had to use magic stick to boot ubuntu, shrink the ubuntu partition, and use pacstrap install scripts to install it into a mounted partition. I wanted to say thanks for the info I have found on here. It has helped alot. I still have some work to do to get battery stats and sound working but everything else is great after some configuration.

    I plan on putting some more info about the installation procedure and fixes on my site as soon as I can but let me know if you would like to share that info here as well.

    Thanks again!

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