Replacing the kernel

The second thing to do after installing the 64-bit daily build of Ubuntu Linux Version 15.04 (Vivid Vervet), and updating the Wi-Fi network connection, was to replace the Linux kernel with a patched version specific to the T100.

The main issue on my system is a series of timeout errors produced by the mmcblk0rpmb partition on the T100’s solid state drive. A fix for a 32-bit kernel was produced earlier (T100 Timeout Issue Solved!) by Ruslan Kuznetsov on the “Asus T100 Ubuntu” Google+ Community.

Subsequently, Brain Wreck has posted a 64-bit patched kernel (based on the 3.18.0 kernel) that not only fixes the timeout issue, but also enables a number of specific features of the T100’s hardware.

To implement this kernel, go to the Asus T100 Ubuntu Google+ web site. Navigate to Asus Files – 318 64 Bit Kernel – 318 Kernel and download the two files (linux-headers-3.18.0+_3.18.0+-3_amd64.deb and linux-image-3.18.0+_3.18.0+-3_amd64.deb) from this folder.

Open a Terminal window and enter the following commands:

sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-3.18.0+_3.18.0+-3_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i linux-image-3.18.0+_3.18.0+-3_amd64.deb

This patched kernel eliminates the SSD timeout errors. Other features that are enabled include the ability to use the touch screen, and displaying a battery monitor in the panel. In addition, the machine will correctly restart or shut down (rather than hanging).

Now, we just need to wait until the patches are included in a mainstream distro!


Asus T100 Ubuntu

Asus T100 Linux&Ubuntu › 318 64 Bit Kernel

Installing Linux on the Asus Transformer Book T100

T100 Timeout Issue Solved!

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5 Responses to Replacing the kernel

  1. AlixB says:

    Dear Alan,

    with your kind help I finally succeeded in installing Ubuntu 14.10! I was so proud and grateful!! Then I replaced the kernel but I’m afraid the replacement was not for the better! When I boot now, GRUB gives some strange messages (“timer not found” … “no control found” and some more I couldn’t read in the short time but Ubuntu starts and shows me a somehow darker log-in screen. After logging in I just see my desktop picture and nothing else. The mouse works but there is nothing to click on and it isn’t even possible to open a Terminal. The only option is to shut the power off. How can I revert to the old kernel? GRUB doesn’t even show me the old version as I know it from my desktop computer.
    I’m awfully sorry for constantly bothering you, but I really don’t know what to do now! 😦

    • Alan German says:


      I regret that I don’t recognize any of those error messages, nor your description of the ultimate screen display. I have not encountered either. Other errors – sure – just not these.

      I find that one can spend a long time trying to fix such problems so my “solution” is two-fold.

      Firstly, when I get a system that works, I take a disk image. Then if an update goes off the rails, I can restore (just) the Linux partition in 1-2 minutes.

      Secondly, if – as may be the case for you right now – there is no backup disk image available, I simply reinstall the version that did work. I find that this takes less time than trying to fix a new problem which might require a lot of surfing to find a solution.

      The other thing you may want to try, if this second course of action is the way to go, is to temporarily disable mmc_block using the technique described in my latest posting “Avoiding timeout errors when installing Linux on the Asus Transformer Book T100”. This makes the installation go much quicker on my system.

      Hope this helps.


  2. AlixB says:


    I did as you told me (“Avoiding timeout errors when installing Linux on the Asus Transformer Book T100”) and I´m now completely satisfied with the result.

    Thanks a lot!!


  3. O'le says:

    Anyone know if there is a patched version of 4.1? It has better bay trails support. I actually had to ditch a patched version due to the system freezing without proper bay trails support. I am currently running an unstable version of 4.2rc8 with no issues except for the timeouts (fingers crossed though because I just switched).

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