Restoring a Linux partition on the T100

Having been disappointed that Ubuntu Linux Version 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) didn’t seem to provide any new support for the Asus Transformer T100 hybrid tablet, I decided to give Fedlet a try. This customized version of the Fedora distro is specifically aimed at computers with Bay Trail CPU’s, but with an emphasis on the Dell Venue 8 Pro (i.e. the developer’s machine).

The live-USB version of Fedlet ran quite well on the T100. I had no Wi-Fi connectivity through the on-board wireless card, but my TP-Link USB wireless adapter worked just fine. I had one error message, something to the effect that a kernel error was detected and I submitted an error report.

Once I had figured out how to use the anaconda installer, I was able to start up the installation routine. Since, even on the 64 GB version of the T100, disk space is still tight if Windows is left as a boot option, I opted to use the existing 10 GB Ubuntu partition on which to install Fedlet.

Regrettably, the installation seemed to stall. Ctrl-Alt-F4 showed a seemingly endless loop of “Buffer I/O error on device mmcblk0p5.” I imagine that this problem is related to the timeout issues on the SSD that I experienced previously with Ubuntu.

However, now there was a problem. The disk partitioner had overwritten the Ubuntu installation, but the Fedlet installation had not completed. I had a dead partition.

The solution was simple. Boot into Windows, run Macrium Reflect, and restore Partition No. 5 (the Ubuntu OS) from my backup disk image. I am pleased to report that this process ran smoothly and within just a few minutes my T100 was once again able to dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu.

So, three cheers for disk image backups. Hip-hip…


Unicorn remains a mythical creature

Fedlet: a Fedora Remix for Bay Trail tablets

Semi-manual LVM disk partitioning guide for Fedora 18

Backup, backup, backup…

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