Unicorn remains a mythical creature

For those of you owning an Asus Transformer T100, who were anxiously anticipating that the newest release of Ubuntu Linux (Version 14.10, Utopic Unicorn) would boot effortlessly on this hybrid tablet, you can stop holding you breath – it won’t!

The “try now” option will load Unicorn; however, to make even this work, I had to use the 32-bit version of the release, and add the boot and EFI folders produced by the Google+ Asus T100 Ubuntu group to the bootable USB drive.

While booting on my machine (the 64 GB version of the T100), a number of mmcblk0rpmb were once again displayed. This doesn’t bode well for any installation attempt since, my previous experience has been that the timeout errors create exceptionally long delays in the process. The other problem that still persists is the lack of support for the on-board wireless card. Once the live version of Unicorn had loaded, there was no Wi-Fi connectivity.

It appears, therefore, that there is no enhanced support for the eMMC solid state drive in the T100, and no support at all for the wireless card. In consequence, this release of Ubuntu is of little to no value as far as I am concerned.


Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn)

Asus T100 Ubuntu

Installing Linux on the Asus Transformer Book T100

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Establishing Wi-Fi connectivity on the T100

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5 Responses to Unicorn remains a mythical creature

  1. jan says:

    i need to disagree!
    i was able to successfully boot my asus t100at device into ubuntu 14.10, according to the excellent tutorials on interweb, on saturday (when i bought it).
    where and when did U buy your device?
    did you try updating Ur bios?

    • jan says:

      i found another one that worked for me:

      • Alan German says:


        Thanks for the input. Actually, the two sets of instructions that you have found are the fourth and fifth items in my list of reference materials in the earlier post “Installing Linux on the Asus Transformer Book T100“. I tried to extract the relevant parts from both, expanding the details for my own purposes, in order to create a working set of instructions that I could use. Perhaps your experience with 14.10 was different because your T100 doesn’t have the same SSD as mine and, in particular, doesn’t produce disk timeout errors. The problem that I had with 14.10 was that this distro didn’t fix the timeout issue and so was of no use to me personally. It may well work on other variants of the T100.


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