Establishing Wi-Fi connectivity on the T100

Now that we have Ubuntu Linux installed on the T100, it’s time to move on and establish a Wi-Fi connection using the computer’s own wireless card rather than a plug-in USB wireless adapter.

Update – Due to an inability to activate the T100’s wireless card when initially installing Ubuntu, the instructions for the latter were simplified (See: Installing Linux on the Asus Transformer Book T100). In consequence, this posting has been expanded to give complete instructions on establishing an Internet connection using the on-board wireless card.

(1) Firstly, we need to find the MAC address for the T100’s Wi-Fi adapter as we will need this later. The easiest way is to boot into Windows. On the T100 (Windows 8.1), swipe in from the right side of the display. Press the Search icon on the charms bar, type cmd, and select “Command Prompt”. At the prompt, type:

ipconfig all

Use the scroll bar on the command prompt window to scroll up through the output. Locate the section headed “Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi”. The MAC address that we want is labelled “Physical Address” and will take the form: 40-16-7E-91-6F-75.

Make a note of this address.

(2) Now we need to download some files. Create a folder named Asus_T100_Files somewhere convenient. Download the following files to this folder:




(3) Run the command sudo nautilus in Terminal in order to give Nautilus root capabilities.

(4) Navigate to /lib/firmware/brcm in the T100’s file system. Open a new tab (File – New Tab) and navigate to the Asus_T100_Files folder. Copy (drag and drop) the files brcmfmac43241b4-sdio.txt and brcmfmac43241b4-sdio.bin to the brcm tab.

(5) From the brcm tab, navigate to the /lib/firmware/intel folder. From the Asus_T100_Files folder, copy the file linux-firmware-master-intel.tar.gz to the intel tab. Double click on this file. Press Ctrl-A to select all the files in the archive. Now use Ctrl-Left-click on the first entry (a shortcut to fs_sst_0f28.bin) to deselect this “file” (an error will occur if you try to include the shortcut in the extraction process.) Click on Extract in the menu bar, and then on the Extract button in the subsequent window. The Archive Manager will report that the files have been extracted successfully and you can now close this program window.

(6) Close Nautilus and, when the Terminal prompt has returned, enter the command:

sudo gedit /lib/firmware/brcm/brcmfmac43241b4-sdio.txt

We need to change the MAC address in the “macaddr=” line. Type the address that you identified in Step 1 (in the form 40:16:7E:91:6F:75) into the brcmfmac43241b4-sdio.txt file, overwriting the text following macaddr=. Save the file. Close gedit.

(7) In the Terminal window, enter the command:

sudo update-initramfs -u -k all

(8) Reboot the computer.

As John Dougan says “With luck your wifi device should spring to life and you can connect to the Internet.” This was certainly the case on my system so, a big thanks goes to both John and Brainwreck for all their efforts to get Wi-Fi working on the T100.


How do I locate the MAC address of my computer?

Asus T100 Ubuntu

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  1. Olivier says:

    I cannot reach the “brcmfmac43241b4-sdio.txt” file (error 404…). Can you maybe post it again?

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