T100 Timeout Issue Solved!

The previous post showed how to capture the details of the timeout errors on disk access that were plaguing the Linux boot process on my Asus T100. A Google search for the most prevalent error string – mmcblk0rpmb: timed out sending r/w cmd command – provided a link to a kernel patch (from Nell Hardcastle) that essentially prevents access to the rpmb partition on the T100’s eMMC drive and so avoids the timeout issue. My good friend Ruslan Kuznetsov on the “Asus T100 Ubuntu” Google+ Community added this patch to a new version of his 32-bit linux-image/header files, and updating Ubuntu with these modified files – finally – solved my timeout problem!

Update – In my haste to note success in eliminating the timeout errors I omitted – as Maxime noted in the comments – to give any instructions on applying the fix. My thanks to Paulo Marques for indicating the base command. To expand on his comment, note that you need to run the following command for both the “headers” and the “image” deb files:

sudo dpkg -i {name of .deb file}

So, many thanks to both Nell and Ruslan for a fix that, for me, has proven to be a life-saver. The processing delays resulting from the disk access timeouts have probably been the worst problem that I have encountered to date using Linux. They made doing almost anything agonizingly s-l-o-w and were incredibly frustrating. Now, I just hope that we can convince the kernel developers to implement some sort of permanent fix for this problem.


RPMB eMMC errors under Linux

Asus T100 Ubuntu

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5 Responses to T100 Timeout Issue Solved!

  1. Maxime says:

    How do you install this fix ?

  2. Paulo Marques says:

    I tried Ruslan’s kernel, but although the timeouts disappeared the system is extremely slow. I couldn’t find the cause, though. “top” doesn’t show any process using the cpu, “vmstat 1” doesn’t show much disk activity and even /proc/interrupts doesn’t show anything interesting. Maybe it has something to do with the graphics driver…

  3. sean says:

    it fixed the timeout issue but now touchscreen doesn’t work

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