Updating the Asus T100’s BIOS

Now, for yet another non-Linux post – although – once again, this is in support of the end game, which is to be able to install Linux on an Asus Transformer T100. The problem to be solved this time is how to update (flash) the T100’s BIOS with the latest update.

I am trying to follow the instructions for installing Ubuntu Linux on the T100 that can be found on the Google+ web site: Asus T100 Ubuntu. The intention is to install the pre-release version of Ubuntu Linux (Utopic Unicorn, Version 14.10) since this is purported to have sufficient support for the T100 and its Bay Trail CPU.

The first instruction is to “Make sure you are using the latest BIOS, which should be version 207.” So, I dutifully went to the Asus support web site, downloaded “BIOS 207 (T100TAS)”, and extracted T100TASAS.207 from the resulting ZIP file.

A video file on the Asus support site indicates that WinFlash should be used to flash – and hence update – the machine’s BIOS. However, when I ran WinFlash and entered T100TASAS.207 as the update file, I received the error message: “BIOS file version does not match BIOS ROM version” and the update would not proceed.

Another web source suggested using Easy Flash from the T100’s BIOS settings menu, but this method also failed with the error: “Model Name doesn’t match”.

Clearly, my machine wants nothing to do with the “207” file, but what does it need?

Other contributors to the Google+ web site indicated that they were using either the “304” or the “307” update file. I opted for the 307 version since (a) it is the previous release to 207 (I know, the numbering scheme makes no sense – you have to check the release date), and (b) the individual (Ruslan Kuznetsov) who is using this version is also the person who created an ISO file for the Ubuntu distro that will install onto the T100.

Once I had downloaded T100TASAS.307, I had no problem using this file to flash the BIOS of the T100 with WinFlash.

Problem solved. Now, finally, perhaps I can try installing Linux on the T100 in a dual-boot format with Windows 8.1


Asus T100 Ubuntu

ASUS Transformer Book T100 – Support – Driver & Tools

(Video) Download the BIOS files and the BIOS flash tools.

(Video) Use ASUS Winflash to update BIOS in the Windows Operation System.

How To Update your ASUS Computer / Laptop’s BIOS!

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4 Responses to Updating the Asus T100’s BIOS

  1. GhostPxL says:

    Hi, I’m facing an issue with my T100 (T100TAF).
    After trying a simple update (from windows 8.1 to 10, which already worked well with two other PC), the update failed and now i can’t access to windows, the only thing left is the access to the bios. I would like to install any OS on my device but my “bootable USB” is not detected by my t100.
    Do you thing flashing the BIOS could help ?

    • Alan German says:

      Is your bootable USB the Magic Stick Ubuntu/Android combination distro? I have been able to boot both OS’s directly from Magic Stick; however, I haven’t tried to install either.

      • GhostPxL says:

        thank you for this fast reply. I talked to fast, after retrying with this “magic stick” I have been able to boot either on Ubuntu and Android. Which means that it’s the windows bootable USB which is not working with my t100. I tried all the Rufus options and several iso (x64, x86) and I still can’t get anything.

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