Top Dog?

The default E-mail client on my Android smartphone had the annoying habit of deleting messages from the mail server if I deleted them from my phone. Even worse, there didn’t seem to be a setting to change this behaviour. And, since my main system for E-mail resides on my desktop computer, it wasn’t acceptable to “lose” incoming messages just because I had previewed them on my phone – and then opted to keep the inbox tidy. Clearly, I was using the wrong E-mail client for my specific needs and needed a program with some additional features.

An on-line search for E-mail clients for Android systems identified K-9 Mail as an open-source alternative. K-9 seems to work just fine, and has a wide range of optional settings, including “When I delete a message – Do not delete on server”. Perfect!

The program’s documentation indicates that “K-9” was Dr. Who’s robotic dog and that the icon is a picture of the said dog. Now, while I used to be a fan of Dr. Who on BBC television, I actually prefer the “envelope” icon used for the default Android mailer. So, I wondered if it was possible to change the icon associated with the application.

A further on-line search suggested that this could easily be achieved through the use of Icon Changer free. Downloading and installing this package through Google Play, did indeed provide a simple way to change the icon.

Running Icon Changer free produces a list of installed apps. Select K-9, opt to change the icon, navigate to Default Icons, select the envelope icon, and click on OK. Job done!



K-9 Mail

4 Ways to Change Apps Icons on Android – Without Root | Requires Root

How to Change Icons on Android Devices FREE!

Icon Changer free

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One Response to Top Dog?

  1. Chris Taylor says:

    Excellent! Both of these might make good additions to a certain “Free Software Guide”

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