A PDF Reader for Android

Reading PDF files on a smartphone isn’t the easiest task in the world. The screen is tiny so it isn’t practical to view an entire page in portrait mode. One has to orient the screen in landscape mode which necessarily means lots of scrolling – both vertically down any given page – and horizontally to move between pages.

The difficulty encountered with many PDF readers is that they don’t handle this process very well. In particular, while scrolling down to the bottom of the current page is easy, moving across to the next page generally leaves the cursor at the bottom of the new page when what the user really needs is to continue reading at the top of this page.

Enter MuPDF, a simple PDF reader that handles viewing PDF files on a small screen exceptionally well. There is no in-app help available but a little trial-and-error research shows that tapping on the right side of the page scrolls down through the text and, when a page boundary is reached, the same right-side tap moves to the top of the next page. Perfect!

The same procedure works when scrolling back up a page – just tap on the left side of the page.

MuPDF is a fairly simple app. It doesn’t have built-in help, but it is pretty intuitive to use. It also doesn’t have a lot of features, but the main feature that I use – reading PDF files easily – is implemented very well.


MuPDF – a lightweight PDF and XPS viewer

MuPDF (Google Play Store)

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