Setting a default page for a new browser tab

My recent problem with Firefox under Linux Mint 17 (Firefox doesn’t start in Linux Mint 17) that resulted in a move to Chrome had me looking for a browser extension (add-on) that would let me set a default page to be loaded when I open a new tab.

My “home page” on the browser is a actually a local HTML file (default.htm) that displays a list of the web sites that I use most frequently. This page loads when I start the browser and by, using an add-on, the same page loads into any new tab, making it very convenient to access my usual haunts on the web.

In Firefox, I have been using the “New Tab Homepage 0.4.3” add-on from Ben Basson which works precisely as advertised.

A search for “new tab” in Chrome’s extensions (Menu – More Tools – Extensions) produced a hit for “new tab redirect”. This extension (New Tab Redirect Version 3.1.2) from Jim Schubert has precisely the same functionality in Chrome as does New Tab Homepage in Firefox.

Problem solved!


New Tab Homepage 0.4.3

New Tab Redirect

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