Firefox doesn’t start in Linux Mint 17

After installing the new release of Linux Mint on my development machine, I found that Firefox won’t start. Navigating to Menu – Internet – Firefox has absolutely no visible effect. However, running firefox in Terminal produces the error message: “GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion ‘sys_page_size == 0’ failed ” along with several warnings. So, now what?

This issue creates a small problem. Without being able to load Firefox, one can’t get to the Internet to check Google! My solution was to install Chromium Browser through Package Manager. While I don’t normally use Chrome, any port in a storm seems like a very good idea.

It turns out that the problem is a known bug. Hooray! It is also apparent that, as of 25-May-14 (the last posting on the bug report), no solution has been provided for Mozilla’s Bug 833117. Boo!

So, for the moment at least, I am in Chrome-evaluation mode. This will be interesting since I have used Firefox almost exclusively for several years in both Linux and Windows. But, if Firefox refuses to start, I really do need a working browser!.


Bug 833117 – Does not disable glib slice allocator with glib >= 2.35

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5 Responses to Firefox doesn’t start in Linux Mint 17

  1. Bob says:

    I just fixed mine by issuing “sudo chown .gnome2”

  2. says:

    I cannot possibly thank you enough!!! For two straight days I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to fix Firefox and SeaMonkey. I deleted profiles, uninstalled/reinstalled Firefox, SeaMonkey and the entire Linux Mint OS. Nothing worked until I found your blog!!

    “sudo chown userid .gnome2” fixed both Firefox and SeaMonkey.

    Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!

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