Anniversary Comments

January, 2014 marks the third anniversary of this blog and I thought I would take a little space to reflect on the past postings. On the average, there has been about one posting per week so, hopefully, I haven’t overwhelmed anyone with too much of a good thing.

Most of the posts have been directed at solutions to problems that I have encountered. To some extent, it’s remarkable that so many problems occurred. But, it’s even more remarkable that so many solutions were identifiable. So, a great big hand to all those individuals who were responsible for the blog postings, web pages, and forum contributions that have been referenced as solution providers.

I named the blog LinuxNorth even though, at the start, the focus was on Ubuntu Linux. Interestingly, this showed some foresight on my part since, over the years, Ubuntu and I have moved steadily apart. Today, I use Linux Mint almost exclusively, have an Android-based tablet, and occasionally experiment with other Linux distros. So, “Linux”-North turns out to be very appropriate.

On an all-time basis, the individual postings receiving the most page views have been related to grub (more than 30,000 page views), transferring files to an Android tablet or a solid state drive, and manual disk partitioning:

Repairing GRUB

GRUB2 revisited

A100 to Ubuntu File Transfer

“Cloning” a hard drive to a smaller SSD

Manual partitioning

While users seeking answers to grub issues were not unexpected (grub2 is much more complex than the legacy version), who would have thought that file transfers to an Android tablet, or creating an SSD boot disk, would be so popular?

The topic of manual partitioning doesn’t surprise me since, once again, this seems a relatively complex task. In fact, I still see lots of queries on the web about partitioning so I may take another crack at explaining the steps required for a “normal” Windows-based disk drive rather than the virtual disk environment that I used on my “Tips” page (since this was easier for creating screenshots).

Finally, thanks to everyone who left very kind comments on various blog postings. Such feedback is always welcomed and most appreciated.

Many “comments” were not flowed through to the blog pages but, instead, were filtered out. These are called “spam” and deserve a specific note. So, this will be the topic of the next blog posting.

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