Save as JPG in Gimp

The one thing I don’t like about the latest release of Gimp (Version 2.8) is that the program’s authors now insist on saving images as XCF files by default. Since I almost invariably use the JPG file format this is inconvenient at best and an annoyance at worst.

Sure, I can navigate to File – Export (if I remember) and save my file as a JPG image, but it was much more convenient in the good old days to open a JPG file and simply hit File – Save when I was finished editing. And, I really can’t get used to not hitting File – Save, so I always end up backing out of the saving as XCF default action, and then exporting the image.

I think the problem is that the Export option is separated from the various Save options (Save, Save As, etc.) in the File menu. So, it struck me that having a File – Save as JPG option would be a very useful feature.

Then I started thinking about plugins and wondered if a plugin to provide this functionality existed. Sure enough, a Google search shows that Paul Sherman ( has written a Python script as a plugin to Gimp that provides a “Save as JPG” option in Gimp’s File menu.

With this plugin installed, I can now open my JPG file, make the desired edits, press File – Save as JPG and – voilà – job done. So, my thanks to Paul (and to Akkana Peck who wrote the base Python script that Paul modified); I now have a “file-save” option that works!


Script to save as JPG, more easily…

GIMP: Save/export clean plug-in

gimp – The GNU Image Manipulation Program

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