Killing Misbehaving Programs

Every now and again my Homesite HTML editor, a (now-defunct) Windows’ program running under Wine, gets stuck and almost nothing I do seems able to bring it back to life. My solution has been to identify the associated process and kill it – a two-stage operation.  However, recently, I discovered a command that kills the process in a single step.

Previously, I would issue the Terminal command “pgrep Homesite” which would return the process number, e.g. “3727”, for the running program. I then issued a “kill 3727” command in order to stop the wayward program’s operations.

However, since I know the name of the process, a simpler option is to use the pkill command as “pkill Homesite”. This stops the program dead in its tracks in just a single operation.


Kill a Process by Process Name from Ubuntu Command Line

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