FreeFileSync and Ubuntu 13.10

One minor disappointment with Ubuntu 13.10 is that a compatible version of FreeFileSync, my favourite file and folder synchronization tool, isn’t available yet for the new OS. But, if like me, you really want to use FFS – have no fear – a new version is in the works.

One set of instructions to install FreeFileSync under Ubuntu Linux involves using a Personal Package Archive (PPA). In particular, the commands are:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:freefilesync/ffs
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install freefilesync

Running the first two commands in Terminal under Ubuntu Linux Version 13.10 installs the PPA in Software Sources, and updates the list of available applications. However, the final command returns the error message: “Unable to locate package freefilesync”.

The problem is that an appropriate version of FreeFileSync for Saucy is not yet available. However, a recent message from Zenju, the program’s author, on indicates that Version 5.23 is under development and will support Ubuntu 13.10:


Looking forward to the new version…



File and folder synchronization

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