dconf-editor and Ubuntu 13.10

I installed the latest release of Ubuntu Linux (Version 13.10, Saucy Salamander) on my development machine and went about tweaking the system to my liking. The main item on the agenda was installing gnome-session-fallback (which shows as Gnome Flashback in the boot menu) as a replacement desktop for the Unity interface. Then I moved on to using dconf-editor to further tweak a number of settings but found that some of these had changed from earlier versions of Ubuntu.

In particular, in order to switch the window controls from the top-left to the top-right corner of any open window, I ran dconf-editor and navigated to: org – gnome – desktop – wm – preferences and changed the value of button-layout to “:minimize,maximize,close”.

Next, the overlay scrollbars were disabled by navigating to com – canonical – desktop – interface and changing the value of scrollbar-mode from “overlay-auto” to “normal”.

And, finally, the dialogue box for restart/shutdown was disabled by navigating to apps – indicator-session and checking suppress-logout-restart-shutdown.


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One Response to dconf-editor and Ubuntu 13.10

  1. lalelu says:

    Thank you! For this perfect explanation of the little things i just could not find before.

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