Add Launcher to Cinnamon

Want to add a program launcher to the panel in Linux Mint with the Cinnamon desktop? It’s not intuitive. It’s easy – but not intuitive.

You might think that you can right-click on the panel and choose to add a launcher; however, this isn’t how it’s done. You can add applets this way, but you can’t add a launcher.

Instead, call up the Menu and browse to the listing for the application of choice. Now, right-click on the application and choose “Add to panel”.

Easy! – when you know how.


Cinnamon – How Can I Add Launchers To Panel?

Tips and Tricks for Linux Mint after Installation [Mint 13 and 14 – Cinnamon Edition]

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11 Responses to Add Launcher to Cinnamon

  1. Chris Taylor says:

    Hi Alan. Very interesting article that serves me well to demo what blogs are all about.


  2. And how can I remove a launcher from the panel? By mistake, I added twice the same one, so I want to remove one of them; but it seems impossible to select only one launcher!
    It’s definitively not so intuitive…

    • Alan German says:


      That may not be terribly intuitive, but it is simple. Right-click on the launcher and select “Remove”


      • Thanks for your answer: that did work.
        But when I tried the same thing yesterday, the whole set of launchers disappeared! That’s why I was a bit at lost…
        And do you know how I can sort/rearrange these launchers? Or should I remove all of them, and re-create them in the order I want them to appear?

      • Alan German says:


        It is possible to left-click on a launcher and drag-and-drop it to another location on the panel; however, for some reason, this seems to a rather hit-and-miss affair. Sometime the icon moves and at other times it simply ends up back in its original position. I have actually largely abandoned the Cinnanmon desktop and switched to Mate. The latter is a fork of Gnome 2 and is much easier (for me) to customize since it behaves much like Gnome Classic in early versions of Ubuntu. In Mate, one can lock/unlock an icon to the panel and easily drag-and-drop it to any desired location.


  3. Got it: everything works according what I expect if I’m NOT IN EDIT MODE!

  4. Alan says:

    How do I “call up the menu”? Is it a network function that exists on another system? Which menu?

  5. shaun says:

    i have a second panel at the top of the screen, how do i add launchers to it instead of the first (default) panel?
    i can add applets but not launchers.

    • Alan German says:


      I regret that I am not currently running Cinnamon and so can’t check on how you can add a launcher to your panel. Hopefully, someone reading this post will be able to help.


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