Firefox and PDF file configuration options

The default setting for Firefox in the Linux Mint distribution seems to be to preview PDF files inside Firefox which isn’t my preference. Furthermore, the default PDF page display is not really to my liking. So, how does one change both of the settings? It’s actually very simple…

Firstly, in Firefox, navigate to Edit – Preferences – Applications – Portable Document Format (PDF). Use the drop-down menu to change “Preview in Firefox” to “Use Document Viewer (default)”. Press the Close button and this item is fixed.

Opening a PDF file from the Internet will now cause the file to be displayed in Atril (the default document viewer – and a fork of Evince). Change the View setting to the desired option, e.g. “Best Fit” (to obtain a whole-page display). Next, select View and toggle the “Side Pane” option. Turning off this option will eliminate the thumbnails shown in the left margin of the page. Select Edit – Save Current Settings as Default. Atril will remember these preference and, in future, will display the entire first page of any PDF file selected in all its glory!


how to set default pdf reader[SOLVED]

Mate – Applications

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